If you have an old back boiler and you want to change it to a new modern boiler.....to save money, think again !
Do not be mislead by statements informing you that a new boiler will be 20% - 30% more efficient. A new boiler will release 20% - 30% less CO2out of the flue, making it more environmentally friendly and yes it will consume slightly less gas, however if you have typical brick built 3 bedroom house with approx 12 radiators, 1 bathroom + downstairs wc + basin, expect to save approx £50 per year*
*assuming no double glazing, poor loft insulation and no cavity walls.
Hope this makes sense, we love fitting boilers, however the only time to install a new boiler is when your old boiler gives up the ghost, starts to play and break down and costs you money in costly repairs.
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