How to wire a single pole light switch, in this video we look at how a single pole light switch works and the different ways to wire a light circuit. This is the most basic light circuit using just a single pole light switch.

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Mounting a light in the kitchen can be an excellent method to boost the visibility and overall state of mind of the area. Install a light in the kitchen with help from among the among the owners of CJS Electric in Tampa Bay Florida in this cost-free video clip.

Expert: Nick Marra
Biography: Nick Marra functions as among the owners of CJS Electric in Tampa Florida.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Collection Description: Working with electrical devices, be it on the inside or exterior of your home, is something that calls for excellent treatment and caution. Obtain electrical aid with aid from among the one of the owners of CJS Electric in Tampa Florida in this cost-free video collection.

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Ever before accidently cut an electric cable in two or had a lead not long sufficient to get to the plug. This video clip shows you exactly how to attach electric cords with each other. Attaching electric wires is uncomplicated if you make use of the appropriate equipment.

When replacing a wall light or sconce, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure that your new light is looking and working its best! In this step-by-step video, HGTV star craftsman Chip Wade shares his foolproof tips for installing wall lighting in your bathroom. See how easy it is to transform your space with a wall-mounted light!

Easy DIY: How to Install Wall Lighting with HGTV’s Chip Wade

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Here’s my simple video on how to change a light switch in the UK. It’s easy and quick to do and I cover the basics on swapping a simple switch like for like.

I have had a few people ask how light circuits are connected. I cover a basic circuit with the aid of ms paint. For academic purposes only, not a how to vid! Always use a licensed electrical contractor! I also cover basic safety at the end of the vid. :):)

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Step by step tutorial on how to connect up a U.K. consumer unit (fuse board) by Youtube star Luke Wichard for the learners at Tresham College

Tresham College welcomes My Trusted Electrician Luke Wichard. Luke puts on a masterclass on how to connect up a 10 way dual RCD consumers unit. Luke shows our learners how to connect the neutrals, cpc's (earths) and line (live) conductors in a consumers unit.

Videos are training aids for City and Guilds (C and G) and EAL courses Level 1, 2 and 3.

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Triton Showers -

A short video explaining the electrical requirements for an electric shower, in particular what to check before buying to ensure your intended purchase is compatible with your mains electric supply.

Instantaneous Electric Showers are still one of the most popular types of shower sold in the UK today. Which is why Triton manufactures an extensive range to suit all tastes and budgets.

An electric shower simply connects to a cold water supply and your mains electric, so it's versatile enough to suit any home no matter what your plumbing system.

They are easy to install and they give you and your family instant hot water - any time, day or night.

So, what are the electrical requirements you need to know before you can choose an electric shower?

First of, all electric showers need to connect to your mains electric supply.

More to the point, it must have its own dedicated supply from your consumer unit.

It must not be connected to a ring main, spur, socket outlet, lighting circuit or cooker circuit.

The important thing is to ensure that the electric supply is adequate for the shower and existing circuits.

Check that your consumer unit has a main switch rating of 80A or above and that it has a spare fuse way to take the fuse or Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) for the shower.

The correct rating of MCB or fuse will depend on the kilowatt rating of the shower that is to be fitted. For more information on kW ratings take a look at our "What is a kW rating?" video.

If your consumer unit has a rating below 80A, or if there is no spare fuse way, then the installation will not be straightforward.

It may require a new consumer unit serving the house or just the shower.

For your protection, a 30mA residual current device must be installed. This may be part of the consumer unit or a separate unit.

The size of electric cable you need from the consumer unit to the shower depends on a number of things, such as - the kilowatt rating of the shower and the method of installing the cable...

...i.e. is it, or will it, be surrounded by loft or wall insulation. As a result, the cable could be anything from 6mm, to 10mm, or even 16mm.

To obtain full advantage of the shower, use the shortest cable route possible from the consumer unit to the shower.

In any event, it is essential that individual site conditions are assessed by a competent electrician in order to determine the correct cable size and permissible circuit length.

Finally before your electrics can go into the shower unit, you need to install a 45 amp double-pole isolating switch into the circuit.

This can either be installed inside or outside of the bathroom, but it must be readily accessible to switch off after using the shower.

Once you've fitted the switch into the circuit, all you have to do is complete the cable to the shower.

Depending on the model of shower, the cable will enter through either the top, bottom, sides or back of the unit.

Simply connect into the terminal block making sure the connections are good and tight so there is no risk of the cable overheating.

The final thing to say is that all electric showers must be installed in accordance with all the relevant water supply, electrical and building regulations.

To find out what the plumbing requirements are for the installation of an electric shower, why not take a look at our complementary video "Electric Showers: Plumbing Requirements.