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D I Y How to Install and use an Electrical Junction Box

In this video I show you how to mount and install an electrical junction box. With a junction box you can power different electrical necessities at the same time that go to different areas of the house.

A few times I say "piggyback" for the ground, but electricians call it a "pigtail".


How to Install an Electric Light Fixture Junction Box : Electrical Installations & Repairs

Series Description: Not all electrical solutions require the expensive help of a local contractor. Find out about ways that you can tackle electrical problems and jobs in your own home with help from an electrical contractor with over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry in this free video series.

Emergency Electrician BH Electrical Work Completed

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I am Brian and I am the Owner of BH Electrical.

I find being an Local Electrician in London both very exciting and rewarding as everyday is different.

One day the problem is a simple fuse that has blown and other times expensive time consuming Diagnostics need to be done on the Electrical installation.

I was called out to a Flat in Chelsea after the owner had replaced 3 lights bulbs out of a pack of 5 and still the light did not work.

On Arrival this was explained to me and I used my Fluke non contact voltage detector on the light cabling and socket and there was a positive reading for power at the light socket.

I asked to see the pack of bulbed which were E27 type and I removed bulb number 4 and promptly screwed it into the socket.

The next part of the story is obvious as the bulb did light up and the problem was fixed.

The Emergency Electrician faces very small problems such as this one but some problems can be very complex and very time consuming requiring very expensive testing equipment and Expertise which BH Electrical have in abundance.

I have just started posting to this Blog and hope to give some insights into the say to day work of a Qualified Emergency Electrician in the London area.

Feel free to post questions about anything Electrical and I will be Happy to reply with an Authoritative reply for all to see.