Worcester Bosch Boiler Replacement. Plumber from Viva Training Academy installing a new Viessmann Vitodens 050 Combi Boiler.
We have Paul from Viva Training Academy installing a new boiler.
Make sure you do all your Electrical checks to TB118 Safe Isolation Gas Boilers.
We are also removing an Ideal Isar that's leaking and installing a new Vaillant Combi Boiler

Morning guys. Day in the life of a plumber / gas engineer. Today we’re doing a boiler swap, so we’re taking out an old Ideal logic and we’re going to fit a Baxi Platinum boiler. The reason the customer’s gone for the Baxi Platinum is it’s got a 10 year parts and labour warranty, and it proven, proven reliable boiler over the last 10, 12 years. We’re also going to fit a Nest on this, we’re going to do a MagnaCleanse and we’re going to fit a Fernox filter. So yeah, let’s go inside, let’s go and have a look.

INSTALLING A NEW COMBI BOILER – Step By Step – Magnacleanse – Omega Filter – Baxi Boiler. So I’ve got an Ideal logic 30 in here. So the customer’s been having a few issues with it and wants it replacing for something a bit more reliable, but also wants something with a long warranty. So we’re going to fit them a Baxi, a Baxi boiler in here, with 10 year parts and labour warranty.

So we’ve got all our dust sheets down, and then we’re going to take the boiler out now. So I’m just going to put a test on gas, turn the water off and drain it down. So this has got an old style Spirotech on there, so we will be taking that out and we’ll fit them a Fernox Omega filter.

So just show you, we’re using Press Fit today. So this Press Fit in here, this is gas. So if you have a look at it, it says gas. Now as these get a bit older, and even sometimes now, that wears off a bit and it’s a bit hard to see, which if you go to it on an inspection after might be a bit difficult. But when you’re installing, if you have a look inside, the gas ones have a yellow O ring inside them, and the water ones have a black O ring.

So we’ve got our press gun here and then if we get this pipe and then on there, push this pipe in, and we can mark it, make sure it’s gone on. So what you’re supposed to do is supposed to marker that with a pen round there, and then we’ve just got our press gun. And it’s as easy as that. And if you have a look at that, it just crimps it onto fitting and it squashes that, squashes the O ring on.

So we’ve got the new boiler on the wall now. We did a mains flush before we started. We’re now going to connect our MagnaCleanse onto this, and we’re going to do a flush, we’re going to put some F3 chemicals in, and then after we’ve finished we’ll put some inhibitor in as well. So this system did have a Spirotech on, so I’ve just put this Fernox Omega on just for a few seconds, and already it’s got muck in there. So Fernox F3.

So while we’re finishing off now, the system can just flush. We can just spend loads and loads of time making sure the system’s clean because the MagnaCleanse there is doing this work while we have a chance to do other things. So I can finish flue off, screw the flue, I can brick up outside, just while this is doing this. So it just makes it so much easier. And that adaptor from Fernox is absolutely brilliant.

So we’ve been flushing it for a while now with thee MagnaCleanse. If you look at the pipes you can see they look very clear. So we’re going to take this off now. So let’s open these up and see what we’ve caught, if anything. So there you go. Let’s have a look at this one. Wow. Yeah. Just goes to show how good these MagnaCleanses are, very, very good. So we’ve just got this Fernox F1 inhibitor here, and just going to inject it in, into the filter there.

So we’re just doing the finishing touches now. So we’re just going to test it with care, analyse it, make sure the boiler is all safe. Test us high and test us low. And we’re going to fill this benchmark out, and then we’re going to send the warranty off for the customer, so the customer’s got piece of mind that it’s all taken care of for them.

Hope this video was of some use. Thanks for watching.

New Gas Boiler. Take out and old open vent heating system. Flush all the radiators. Install a new boiler. Run a new condensate pipe and protect with Condensate Pro. Install an SpiroTech Spiro Vent RV2. Installing a Fernox Omega Filter. EPH Combi Pack 4 control. Scale inhibitor. Full central heating powerflush. Using fernox f3 and f1.

Plumber installing a New Boiler in Leeds Plumber boiler installation
Step by step boiler installation video boiler installation guide
boiler installation procedure boiler installation. Powerflush a central heating system

Rogue traders Ideal Vogue DIY install. Today we’ve been called out to a badly installed Vogue, Ideal Vogue boiler. So I’m just doing my day in the life of a plumber / gas engineer. So I’ll just show you what we have to do on a daily basis, and issues that we see, and what we have to do.

So, this boiler, if it had been installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, it would come with a 10-year parts and labour warranty. But, the instal is not very good and there’s no bench mark filled in, so I’m assuming that its not been done by somebody who is gas-safe. And I’ll show you a few of the issues that we’ve got with it.

So the flue is not installed correctly and this, the gas pipe work is not sleeved through the wall, and the bench mark hasn’t been filled in either.

So, let me look at the pipe work under here. None of this is clipped or supported. Let me look at the flow return. The flow return goes straight onto the, don’t know if you can see that very well there, and then it goes onto small pipe, it goes onto 15 mm pipe. So that 15 mm pipe then feeds all the house. Now bearing in mind this is a four bedroom detached house in Horsforth, in Leeds. That’s not going to work very well.

There’s also a few other issues. The system is very mucky, so we’re going to flush this out. We’re going to flush it out today. We’re going to put a filter on here, and we’re also going to fit a nest on there today and then what we’re going to do then is we’re going to advise the customer to have this re-piped, but at some point in the future the customer is going to have the boiler moved because this is up in the loft and they don’t want it to be up here.

So we’re just going to cut this pipe work out now. We’re going to put a filter in. We’ve got this new pipe slice, we’re going to give this a try, and see what fits with.

You seen there, also this is new pipe work and it’s really mucky. So we’re just going to put some Fernox F5 into this now. So we’ve connected the Magnacleanse on to this now and what we’re going to do, the first thing we’re going to do is vent this, so this has got lovely function on this boiler. Scroll it to vent. Click on there. And this will just try and get some of the air out of it because we don’t want to fight the boiler the air and heat exchange.

So we’ve also into this and we’ve connected this on so this will now be Boiler Plus compatible. So we’ve altered the pipe work a little bit here just so that this gets the air to here and then it will go of out the outer air vents rather than going back to the boiler. So what will happen if, obviously that way around and it will get air in as well. The boiler is really noisy so we’ll flush this system now with putting a mega filter on there. And we’ll also fade the nest on this and we’ll wide that up as so it’s boiler plus compatible. So the customer is going to get an extension on this house downstairs so when they do that they’re going to move this boiler and then I’ve always re-piped because obviously all the house comes off 15 mm which isn’t great really.

It just needs re-piping really. Which is a shame because obviously the Ideal Vogue is one of the best boilers on the market, and it would have had a ten year parts and labour warranty.

So, there we have it, it’s Ideal Vogue. We flushed the system out, we’ve altered the pipe work a little bit for now until the boiler is moved. Just to get the air, so the air is not getting into the boiler. Thanks for watching. http://cchleeds.co.uk/services/boiler-installation Gas boiler installation in Leeds. New gas boiler Leeds

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