The Electric Heating Company offer a range of highly efficient electric boilers. They provide complete peace of mind for reliability, performance and safety.

Watch this video to find out how simply the installation process is for one of our electric boilers.

Case study of LF Geater & Sons Nurseries’ installation of a biomass boiler. The 1.2MW straw fed biomass boiler installed at this cut plants nursery in Suffolk provides half of its annual 4,500MWh of heat allowing for substantial savings on heating bills.

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If your boiler or pipes are making weird noises and don’t let you sleep at night, they need your attention and might need a boiler repair. Noises could be the first sign of a larger problem, always address them: shut the boiler down and call an expert.

One of the most common noises is a banging noise coming out of the pipes, like a knocking sound in the system. This sound is produced by accumulated air in the boiler and pipes. A pressure release valve or ‘bleeder’ will help to take the air out of the system and should eliminate that annoying banging sound.

There are other problems that cause disturbing noises in the boiler, for more information see the video below and call us for a phone consultation.

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