Warm at last! Here is the start to finish install of our new Vitodens 100W from Viessmann. Lots of the background info and the technical side were covered in a previous video but if you have any questions leave them below. Enjoy!

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http://www.homeheatingguide.co.uk – Tony Jones from British Gas talks through a typical new boiler installation by the heating installation team.

Tony explains how the Advisor will contact you well in advance of the installation day if there will be any disturbance to your neighbours, which is unlikely.

You don’t have to be in all day of the installation expect for the first hour where the boiler engineer will talk you through the steps required to ensure you are 100% happy before they proceed with the install. It is also advisable to be around for the end of the installation to enamel you to be fully trained with the boiler controls.

Disruption to your mains water will be minimised but they will advise you well in advance if they do need to turn it off. Dust sheets will be laid down throughout the installation and the engineers will hoover up after them.

Repair of Halstead Ace High Boiler

Fault was cutting out after 3 seconds when using central heating or hot water.
You would then be left with a flashing LED. This could only be cleared by powering off/on the boiler only for the fault to then repeat.

Troubleshooting claimed this was due to a faulty flow switch.
This was not the problem.
Watch this video to help save you a costly repair.

This video can be useful for any boiler using the same component.


Close up picture of cap wires

Boiler Installation Sheffield-
This is a short video of one of our recent boiler installations in the High Storrs area of Sheffield.

The boiler installed at this property was an Ideal Vogue combination boiler.

Boiler Installation Sheffield –

We will be writing a blog about this boiler installation on our website www.loveyourboiler.com very soon.