Easy Lang Yan
Aired October 28, 2014 at UNTV 37

Easy Lang Yan is a 30-minute infotainment which focuses on do-it-yourself projects and practical solutions to commonplace problems at home.
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Emergency Electrician - Local ELectrician

Step by step tutorial on how to connect up a U.K. consumer unit (fuse board) by Youtube star Luke Wichard for the learners at Tresham College

Tresham College welcomes My Trusted Electrician Luke Wichard. Luke puts on a masterclass on how to connect up a 10 way dual RCD consumers unit. Luke shows our learners how to connect the neutrals, cpc's (earths) and line (live) conductors in a consumers unit.

Videos are training aids for City and Guilds (C and G) and EAL courses Level 1, 2 and 3.

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