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Single Pole Switch Lighting Circuits – How to wire a light switch

How to wire a single pole light switch, in this video we look at how a single pole light switch works and the different ways to wire a light circuit. This is the most basic light circuit using just a single pole light switch.

How to Install a Smart Home Light Switch | A DIY Electrical Guide

This week I show you how you can make your home a little smarter by upgrading your switches to new smart devices you can control from your phone, tablet, or smart home system like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Domestic Electricity Demonstration Part 6 – Outside Electrical Fittings and Fish Pond Pumps

Part 6 in the series of videos discussing how the domestic electrical system works within your home. In this video the DIY Doctor discusses outside electrical fittings such as external lights, security lights and garden electrical installations such as fish pond pumps and filtration systems.