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How to Install a Wall-Mounted Light

When replacing a wall light or sconce, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure that your new light is looking and working its best! In this step-by-step video, HGTV star craftsman Chip Wade shares his foolproof tips for installing wall lighting in your bathroom. See how easy it is to transform your space with a wall-mounted light!

Easy DIY: How to Install Wall Lighting with HGTV’s Chip Wade

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Two Way and Two Way and Intermediate Switches for a Domestic Lighting Circuit Connections Explained

Student training aid for the connections required to wire two way and two way and intermediate switching. Video explains the connection required within two way and intermediate switches. The circuit is wired in twin and cpc cables (twin and earth cable) and 3 core and cpc cable.

Additional Sockets and replacement lights

A little bonus video for everyone. A client I met at my local business networking evening called me out to replace some old 2D ceiling lights. They also wanted to add additional sockets near the desk.

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Installation Video ARGUS Motion Sensor DALI 230V by Schneider Electric

Tutorial video presenting the main features and how to install Argus Motion Sensor. Learn more,