Worcester Bosch Boiler Replacement. Plumber from Viva Training Academy installing a new Viessmann Vitodens 050 Combi Boiler.
We have Paul from Viva Training Academy installing a new boiler.
Make sure you do all your Electrical checks to TB118 Safe Isolation Gas Boilers.
We are also removing an Ideal Isar that's leaking and installing a new Vaillant Combi Boiler

Today I’m installing a Rinnai EC110CRP modern condensing combination boiler. I get a lot of people asking what I do for a living when I’m not out in the wilderness and this is pretty much it. These boilers are available with a low-loss header to provide primary secondary or you can build your own. The EC110 provides both heat and domestic hot water. I use a Milwaukee Pro Press tool and expandable pex/Wirsbo tubing for the heat zones.

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“Making a Longbow from Ash, Part 5 (Staining & Painting)”


New Gas Boiler. Take out and old open vent heating system. Flush all the radiators. Install a new boiler. Run a new condensate pipe and protect with Condensate Pro. Install an SpiroTech Spiro Vent RV2. Installing a Fernox Omega Filter. EPH Combi Pack 4 control. Scale inhibitor. Full central heating powerflush. Using fernox f3 and f1.

Plumber installing a New Boiler in Leeds Plumber boiler installation
Step by step boiler installation video boiler installation guide
boiler installation procedure boiler installation. Powerflush a central heating system

http://www.homeheatingguide.co.uk – Tony Jones from British Gas talks through a typical new boiler installation by the heating installation team.

Tony explains how the Advisor will contact you well in advance of the installation day if there will be any disturbance to your neighbours, which is unlikely.

You don’t have to be in all day of the installation expect for the first hour where the boiler engineer will talk you through the steps required to ensure you are 100% happy before they proceed with the install. It is also advisable to be around for the end of the installation to enamel you to be fully trained with the boiler controls.

Disruption to your mains water will be minimised but they will advise you well in advance if they do need to turn it off. Dust sheets will be laid down throughout the installation and the engineers will hoover up after them.

Why does Hometree use video surveys?

Welcome to Hometree, home of the stress-free boiler installation.
Hometree completes a survey in advance of your boiler installation but we do these differently, using a video survey on your smartphone with an experienced Gas Safe engineers – putting the power in the hands of the consumer.

Our customers tell us they love to use video surveys as it saves time and hassle; arranged at a time convenient to them.

Customers come to Hometree looking for a new boiler package with stress-free installation, they answer a few simple questions about their home on our website and we recommend the all-inclusive boiler package for them.

Traditional boiler installation companies send a salesperson to your home to look at your boiler and price the job for you. They are often in your home for more than an hour and use the opportunity to upsell. We know that a lot of people feel uncomfortable being sold to in their own home and we don’t like that.

We are on a mission to stop time wasting and put the power in the hands of the customer.

Hometree arranges a video survey with customers at a time that is convenient for them with a smartphone.

We double check that the boiler package we have recommended is the perfect fit for you and your home and check where the boiler is going and look at your flue. This ensures that our engineer brings along the correct equipment to install your new boiler – so that the job is completed efficiently.

What is a video survey?
Using your smartphones, a video call is set up between you and the Hometree Engineer. All of our engineers are certified Gas Safe and have a wealth of experience. They are also very friendly, helpful and most importantly are not here to sell anything to you.

Why video survey?
Using video surveys means that we get to speak directly to our customers.
It gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, in the comfort of your home at a convenient time for you.
A video survey can take minutes rather than hours of waiting for someone to arrive at your home and the time they might take to sell to you.

What is next?
Once your survey is complete, you can choose an installation date that suits you. Hometree local Gas Safe Engineers will fit your new

Your new A-grade will be boiler purring away in a cupboard without delay.

For your stress-free boiler installation, visit www.hometree.co.uk.

COMBI BOILER REVIEW – BOILER INSTALL AT HOME, https://www.cchleeds.co.uk/services/boiler-installation Baxi 600 Review, Baxi 624 630 636 Full installs of the new Baxi 636 combi boiler on two zone at my home in Leeds. The new Baxi 600 range of Combi Boiler. I’m going to install a new boiler in my own house. So, at the moment we’ve got a boiler that’s here, and we want to put a fridge in this cupboard. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to board the wall out behind, and we’re going to move the boiler and put it on the back wall. Well, we’re going to install a new boiler, but we’re going to put it on the back wall.
I’m also going to put a weather comp sensor on this, so we’ll have the weather comp so that in the warmer weather, the flue temperatures will be lower. So, that’ll save us money on our gas bills as well.

I’m also … I’ve got some zone valves, so we’re going to put it onto an S-Plan. So, for an S-Plan, we want a zone valve for downstairs, and then we’ll have a zone valve for upstairs. And then obviously that’s how you would control the heating system. And then you would use the nest for thermostats then to control them.
I’m also going to power flush this system, so I’m going to connect it onto the old boiler and flush it with the old boiler in place.
So, as I board the wall out in here, I’m looking at where I put my supports, and I’m looking at the template for the boiler. So, this is a Baxi 600 boiler, so it’s the new 636 boilers. So, I’m just looking where the screw holes are, and I’m going to put the supports where that is.
So, I’m just using the template so I can mark and connect all the pipes together. You see there? Just got the bypass on that.
Right, so we’ve got some of the pipes in now. So, just to explain what’s going on here, so the Baxi 600 has space so you can put the pipes up the back. So, what I’ve got here, I’ve got our flue there. This flue goes up to there, and then it goes across there. And we’ve got a bypass because we’ve got this on an S-Plan, we’ve got a bypass. And then that’s the return.
So, then also at the bottom there we’ve got this filter. So we’ve got an Omega filter on there. So, that’s the return, back into the boiler. And then from the top there, so if we go around the flue, we’ve got two zones. And then we’re just going to have a manual air vent out there, just so we can bleed that section of pipework.
So, we’ve got one of our zone valves there, and I’m just going to pop another zone valve here now. And then just to show you on the zone valve, most of you will know this already, but there’s just an A and there’s a B. So the zone valve only goes one way. So, you need to make sure you put it on the right way around. So, on this one, the A comes down from the flue, in that direction, so when you look at the valve there, the flue would go that way.

So, we’ve got the Baxi 636 that we’re installing in this house, in my house. So, you can buy the pipes from Baxi that are pre-made, that’ll come up the back. And you also get this bracket, and that obviously will clip the pipes. And then when you look … so you can put 22 up the back nice and easy there.

So, now I’ve pre-marked where I’m putting all the pipes. I’ve made it up as a template. Because it’s press fit, I can now unclip it off, and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the paper back off. And I’m also going to remove the clips off there. They were just to hold it in place while I connected it all together.

So, I’ve just lifted the boiler onto the bracket now. So, I’ve just got our filter connected in now. I’ve just done code. And I’m just going to do the pipe.

So, we’re using this new Hilti NPR 19A. So, that’s a 22-volt press gun for this. And I’m just doing gas now. I just wanted to show you these gas fittings. So, the gas fittings have got a yellow/gold ring.

So, I use press fitting on most of my installs. One of the benefits of press fitting is you can make it all up away from the boiler if you need to. Also, there’s no flux going into the system, so it doesn’t take us long to flush the system out after.

Also on this, I’m going to put a shock arrester on. So, I’ve got some lock tight 577, so instead of using PTFE, this is a mile better than PTFE. So, all you do with this is get your thread and just squirt a little bit on your thread like that. And then once you’ve got some on your thread, you just tighten that on to your fitting.

So, it’s really easy to use press fit. So we just get our fitting, look inside, check that they are in, and make sure they’re not damaged. Connect it onto the end of our pipe. Some manufacturers will give you it’s like a little instrument you can use, like a bit of plastic, and then you can mark this pipe here. Baxi 636 624 630 Combi boiler, New Baxi Boiler

As a trusted Worcester Accredited Installer (WAI) Aura Gas have teamed up with Worcester Bosch the countries leading boiler manufacturer to produce our very first television advert. Look out for it on your television over the festive period. Get a no obligation free quote for your new boiler or new central heating by calling us on 02392 252171. We offer varying levels of boiler care starting from £6.50 to keep you warm and cosy through the winter and beyond. Happy Christmas to all our customers.