One day I discovered that the right rear electric window would not work some times when the door was open or shut. This information pointed me in the direction that the fault is in the door harness. I decided to leave it but once the window regulator failed I fixed both of the issues. It has been working really good for about a week now….

Door card removal

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Boiler repair manual

Boiler breakdown expert educational video about boiler repair, which will also help with topics like
boiler servicing
combination boilers
combination boiler repair
how to fix a boiler

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This simple step by step guide from 24|7 Home Rescue can help you precisely identify what is wrong with the boiler when there’s no hot water. If you are still experiencing problems with no hot water or a broken boiler, call us on 01254 355535 or visit

If you have no hot water at all:
1- Check the gas supply is turned on
2- Make sure the pilot light is on

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Just a tutorial.
Breville says this fix is $349
Here is how you do it for $40

Emergency Electrician - Local ELectrician

Step by step tutorial on how to connect up a U.K. consumer unit (fuse board) by Youtube star Luke Wichard for the learners at Tresham College

Tresham College welcomes My Trusted Electrician Luke Wichard. Luke puts on a masterclass on how to connect up a 10 way dual RCD consumers unit. Luke shows our learners how to connect the neutrals, cpc's (earths) and line (live) conductors in a consumers unit.

Videos are training aids for City and Guilds (C and G) and EAL courses Level 1, 2 and 3.

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